The challenge

On 1.12.2021, new rules and processes had to be implemented at a large telecommunications company, offering clear transparency to the prospective customer when concluding the contract and to the existing customer during the contract term.

These included: Adjustment of the notice period from three to one monthrnrn-Provision of a clear, easy-to-understand and standardised contract summary at the conclusion of the contractrnrn-“Best tariff advice”, provision once a year of information on the optimal tariff based on the current tariffrnrnThe exact requirements of the European Code were constantly being redefined and there were no precise definitions for implementation. After the final requirements had been defined, there was only a very short period of time until the go-live on 01.12.2021. The established processes were not designed for the implementation of the requirements and the previously synchronous processes had to be extensively adapted so that the customer could now also give his consent asynchronously.

What we did

Multi-channel approach, i.e. the customer can give his consent to the contract summary with maximum flexibility: Online when the contract is concluded, downstream via the web, APP, etc., offline on the phone during the call, automated follow-up actions via all sales channels, a virtue was made of necessity and all channels were coordinated with each other in real time. Thanks to the newly created freedom of choice, the customer has the option of deciding immediately or later, depending on his individual inclination. Quite a few customers find this extremely customer-friendly. Targeted conceptual design of real-time processes to implement the new EECC requirementsrnrn-Adaptation of the existing back-end systems with mapping of the new real-time processesrnn-Go-live and fine-tuning in the hyper-care phase.


The results

EECC compliant implementation

The ship is safely in port: the EECC-compliant implementation of all requirements was carried out on time by 01.12.2021.

Error-free commissioning

Faultless commissioning of the new processes without failures, complaints or objections.

Significantly increased graduation rates

But it is now also sailing with full sails in new waters: in contrast to the losses originally feared, the company is recording significantly increased closing rates because the customer can decide very flexibly and with maximum transparency.

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Andreas Grote

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