The challenge

We have developed a customized client for sending push notifications in close collaboration with a large, internationally operating telecommunications provider. This solution meets the specific requirements of the telecommunications provider and offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive SaaS solutions.

What we did

The telecommunications provider faced the challenge of needing a reliable client for sending push notifications at short notice. The existing SaaS solutions from major providers proved to be too costly and did not fit optimally into the company’s system landscape. Therefore, a custom solution was required that was tailored precisely to the needs of the telecommunications provider.

Are you facing similar challenges and aiming to reach your users with audience-specific customizable push notifications? Feel free to reach out, and we will discuss further details.

One thing is certain: The first MVP will be fully implemented after three months.


The results

A customized solution

A customized solution was conceptualized and developed.

API interfaces

Additional systems were integrated via API interfaces to ensure a seamless flow of information.

250.000 Push-Notification

The client is capable of sending an impressive 250,000 push notifications per day, which represents a tremendous reach for the telecommunications provider.


The client was seamlessly integrated with a tracking tool, allowing the telecommunications provider to gain valuable insights and continuously optimize its push notification strategies.

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