Our values


We build our businesses with passion and dedication. We try to reflect our passion and enthusiasm among our culture, teams and clients.


We promote teamwork, open communications and cooperation across our company. Our goal it‘s always to maintain a healthy and happy work environment standing for equity among our relationships and encouraging employees to take initiative and make decisions that drive the company forward.

Customer focus

We want to deliver the best quality solutions to our clients, reason why prioritising their needs, it help us to achieve their expectations.


We aim to make a positive difference in our businesses. The secret it’s our „do it“ attitude and the empowerment that we give to our teams to think differently and to feel confident to share.


We choose to be transparent and honest in the good and bad times, having an open communication, and cooperation across the organisation and with our clients.


We build trust relations within our customers and teams (our endorsements reveals it!).


We empower our members, by encouraging creativity, continuous improvement, and the development of new ideas.

Our story

We want to get closer to our customers again. We want to see how our decisions bring about change.

This thought was at the beginning of Liongate.

Our founders Armin Oppitz, Michael Schießl and Frank Pensel had made a career as managers in national and international corporations.

Despite budgets in the millions and responsibility for hundreds of employees, they noticed that their dissatisfaction grew over the years. “We realized that we all have the entrepreneurial spark in us. We wanted to go our own way.”

At the hotel Drei Löwen in Munich, the idea of founding an IT consulting company was born. Thanks to the location, deciding for a name was easy: Liongate. Since 2003, the company has adjusted its course several times and today has found its sweet spot, which goes back to Liongate’s roots: We create customer proximity and show companies that good customer experience is not expensive. Neglecting it costs much more.

In 2023, the merger with Annscom GmbH took place, and Michael Comanns joined the board. This development allowed us to expand our offerings.

Liongate in numbers

over 200

We’ve completed lots of large scale projects over the years


We are proud of our Net Promoter Score

about 4 Mio.

Our solutions improve customer services for millions of end customers

over 100

Digital customer interaction specialists are part of our team


All our consultants are certified in the latest cloud technologies

1 Case

of Fritz Kola/Week. We know how to get that extra kick of caffeine (sugar-free!). No Liongate office has ever run out of stock of this lemonade

our team

The team makes the difference

At Liongate, each employee focuses on their strongest skills in software development, cloud architecture, project management or process management. As a true cross-functional team (BizDevOps), we thus deliver first-class results with and for our customers.
Alexander Strobel

Somewhere between digital native and digital naive. When he’s not sitting in front of a screen, he’s making coffee, riding his e-bike, or discussing electromobility.

Alexander Strobel
Senior Administrator
Britta Hauke

From the Ruhr area to beautiful Bavaria. When she’s not sitting in front of the computer, she jogs around the lake or enjoys a few laps on her e-bike.

Britta Hauke
Executive Assistant
Robert Blaimer

Munich cheerful nature! In the city, even the worst weather doesn’t stop him from covering his distances by bike.

Robert Blaimer
Senior Administrator
Srikrishnudu Nagandla

From an Indian village to Germany, he enjoys finding solutions to problems. He likes to walk the dog or use the time to cook Indian food.

Srikrishnudu Nagandla
Senior Developer
Mihail Kapetanos

Moin became Servus, studied electrical engineering and gained a foothold in consulting. Flexibility, curiosity and courage to discover new things are important to him both professionally and privately.

Mihail Kapetanos
Eduard Gelert
Eduard Gelert
Jennifer Tomazin

She has turned her hobby into her profession and when it’s time to go home, she continues programming or plays a few rounds online with friends.

Jennifer Tomazin
Andreas Grote - Liongate AG

Our Bergisch Lion speaks IT and business administration. He takes the suspension railroad to work and likes to hike afterwards, in the valley of the Wupper.

Andreas Grote
Head of Business Process Management
Erik De Wendt
Erik De Wendt
Salesforce Consultant
Ivan Burov

He enjoys nature and algorithms in the same way. Both are extremely exciting and both blow your mind

Ivan Burov
Senior Developer
Amal Hsaini

As a consultant, she assists our clients with branding and communication and handles support. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and cooking.

Amal Hsaini

Besides studying and working, she is passionate about various sports and her elixir of life is delicious coffee with oat milk.

Lara Kühl
Digital Marketing Managerin/HR-Managerin

With a lot of experience in customer service, its many facets, the graduate businessman is a family man and looks forward every day to the daily workout.

Sven Wassyl
Head of Digital Customer Care

Being a programmer means sitting at the computer for hours hoping the code will compile but with LionGate hours become minutes and mistakes become learning.

Tharun Joy

Whether in the Rhineland or OWL. After work, he enjoys the conviviality of friends over a tasty cold drink or the sporting competition in the team.

Victor Serowy

Despite Bavarian mother tongue deep in Saxony at the university to get closer to the mysteries of computer science.

Thomas Oberhauser
Working Student

A 24-year-old software developer from Tunisia who is also an extroverted nerd with various interests.

Hedi Ben Fradj

Born in the Iberian Farmlands and matured in the Nordrhein, aside software development his passions are sports, literature, and cultural tourism.

Joao Narciso

My goal of dribbling out problems is something you get in equal measure at work and on the court playing team sports. I also enjoy the fellowship of playing with my friends and family.

Jonas Stefani

Experienced product manager with both corporate and consulting experience, leisure time is enjoyed with good food and delicious wines.

Dominic Hanl
Senior Consultant

Blissfully married and have a son. Her background in Political Science has led to a journey as a Data Analyst. Always up for new adventures.

Andreia Marques
Data Analyst

With over 10 years experience in CRM area, he is always interest in new developments. In his freetime he likes to travel, enjoys good food and a nice dram.

Igor Bestek
Senior Salesforce Consultant

Her best features are agile thinking and continuous learning. However, never forget to “Carpe Diem”.

Julia Butenko
Project Management Consultant

Rather reserved personality, but passionate in everything related to Business IT. Quickly deepens her knowledge and develops enthusiasm for new topics.

Marwa Kanaan
Salesforce Administrator

As a consultant, he configures, optimizes, and customizes Salesforce solutions for our customers. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and enjoys traveling.

Mathushan Maheswaran
Salesforce Consultant

Nikolaus is a charismatic individual with a genuine passion for connecting with others. His thoughtful nature and creativity make him a captivating presence in any social setting.

Nikolaus Dittrich
Salesforce Consultant

Happily married and father of a beautiful young boy, I have a degree in Computer Science and have been working with CRM for over 10 years.

Rodrigo Felicio
Project Management Consultant

Continuous learning is her motto. Loves to be with her family. Traveling is always in her plans, but a short walk in Nature is enough to restore her energy. A good chocolate or coffee are a must!

Rute Isidoro
Project Management Consultant
Alexander Lang
Martin Cremer
Head of Software Development

I come from the Ruhr area, and my hobby and profession are psychology. I enjoy engaging in meaningful conversations with people.

Vivien Albers
Office Management

As a Product Manager, he has been assisting in the conceptualization and implementation of services in the telecommunications sector for years. In his free time, he prefers to travel.

Martin Klippel
Senior Consultant

‘I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.’ -Albert Einstein

Luay Kanaan

Besides his passion for good food and delicious wines, Dario Palumbo is driven by innovation and acquiring new knowledge.

Dario Palumbo
Senior Salesforce Presales Consultant

The native Saarlander has landed in Munich after stops in six countries. Her curiosity and joy in discovering are also reflected in her studies.

Vanessa Bieg
Aurelia Tuvene
Salesforce Consultant

In addition to my passion for finding creative software solutions for various tasks, I often enjoy being out in nature with my camera.

Andrey Angelov
Senior Developer
Tom-Maximilian Schultz
Senior Salesforce Consultant

Executive Board

Armin Oppitz

Despite studying computer science, he is responsible for marketing. When he’s not with the customer, he’s in the mountains, in Italy or sometimes at university.

Armin Oppitz
Executive Board Marketing
Frank Pensel

With his extensive consulting experience, he is an asset to any large-scale project. Only his large family, travels and live concerts make him even happier.

Frank Pensel
Executive Board
Peter De Wendt

Peter studied physics and is responsible for human resources. His passion is UX, jogging with the dog on Ameland and vegetarian cooking.

Peter De Wendt
Executive Board HR
Michael Schießl

After studying electrical engineering, he moved into IT, where he is now responsible for technology and finance at LionGate. As often as possible, he spends time sailing at sea.

Michael Schießl
Executive Board Finance

Michael has a degree in computer science and his specialty is complex CRM systems and processes. When he is not on the road with his family, he works his magic at the grill and in the kitchen.

Michael Comanns
Executive Board Sales

Supervisory Board

Carsten Wehner

Norbert is a lawyer in a large law firm. As a passionate trumpet player, he blows the march in his spare time.

Norbert Huber
Rainer Niermeyer

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