Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation
The challenge

With an international security service provider, we proposed ourselves to help our client in optimizing and automate a completely manual sales process. Our client was facing every day the challenge to follow and track their own opportunities (outlook and excel based), which besides being time consuming and hard to follow, might result in potentially loss of opportunities and difficult to provide an overview or forecast about sales process to management teams.

What we did

We optimized our client sales process adjusting it to their reality and delivered it along with a Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation, with quote generation (automatic creation of quotations), automated steps within salesforce sales process and with approval processes for management team. As a result, our client has an automated sales process, that can easily follow-up leads and opportunities, saving time and helping management and sales departments to have a clear overview of their sales.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation
Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

The results


Sales Cloud implementation for international sales


Automatic creation of quotations


Follow-up of leads and opportunities

Time savings

Time savings for management and sales

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