The challenge

Several attempts were made to replace the outdated CRM system. The complexity and individuality repeatedly prevented a simple new introduction. As a transitional measure, a new web-based interface was to be developed on the basis of the existing CRM accesses, which could serve as a blueprint for the future long-term solution. For this, it was necessary to create added value for the agents in the concrete application.

What we did

The design of the Agent Cockpit was done in agile cross-disciplinary teams with experts from the field (agents), process experts and experts for user guidance as well as internal and external IT expertsrnrn-The product owner role was temporarily taken over by LionGate and handed back as soon as the setting was established.rnrn-The launch of a first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was planned soon after the start of the project in Q2 2020 based on a BizDevOps model. The first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was launched soon after the start of the project in Q2 2020 based on a BizDevOps model.rnrn-The goal was to further develop new functionalities for a seamless transition from the current legacy technology, following the same vision for a future new agent cockpit.rnrn-The solution currently serves as a demand blueprint for the follow-up project of the gradual replacement of the legacy systems and thus enables a low-risk transformation.


The results

3,500 satisfied postpaid agents

Today, approximately 3,500 satisfied postpaid agents use the application, resulting in significant cost savings and increased staff motivation.

Merging functionalities

Marquez has managed to unite the systems to be operated by merging functionalities in one interface. Agents no longer have to switch between systems. The AHT became significantly shorter.

All In One

From A for agent-specific settings to O for order management and Z for central user management, Marquez has provided everything agents need: Made by agents for agents.

Intuitive user guidance

An intuitive user guidance and user experience was created to support the agents and to avoid errors.

Reduce training efforts

The training efforts for agents could be significantly reduced through a direct context-related integration of compressed knowledgebase content in the respective processing steps.

Customer quote

“Within 12 months and in several iterations, we created a state of the art agent cockpit for Telefónica Deutschland that enables a win-win situation for agents, customers and the business: best usability with context-based information and functions enable efficient customer focus with a competent customer approach and thus promotes the development of agents in the direction of sales and service. In valuable customer contact, the customer’s service concerns are solved quickly and to the greatest possible satisfaction, in order to competently transition into customer-specific consulting with high potentials for cross-selling and upselling.”

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