The challenge

A recently established fibre company faced the challenge of building a process for handling its orders.

As usual in a start-up, the initial focus was on acquiring staff, customers and validating the assumed market conditions. In order to achieve this as quickly as possible, work was initially done on paper and in Excel, and only then did the attempt to switch to process tools begin. This proved to be difficult as there were already a large number of stakeholders, external sales partners, internet service providers, internal processes and departments within the fibre company itself and construction companies, and many had already implemented their own solutions. The result was many silos and no end-to-end process with inconsistent data and missing business rules. Due to the lack of experience in this market as a start-up, the products were still in development.

What we did

In the first step, we defined the business rules together with all areas; these allow for a validation and plausibility check of the data, which can then be used to sharpen the product parameters. Next, an API design (Open API) was introduced as a standard for all partners and business processes (Lead to Order, Order to Activation, Order to Construction). A cloud-based and scalable software solution was developed by us with an agile development team and put into operation after six weeks, in July 2022, as a managed service.


The results

Increasing the degree of automation

Increase in the degree of automation for all relevant processes was achieved.

Improving data quality

With this automation, the defined business rules and the sharpened product parameters, an improvement in data quality was achieved.

Reduction of customer complaints and cancellations

There was a reduction in customer complaints and cancellations.

Further growth of the company

Simple and standardised (Open API) integration of all partners and stakeholders was thus the basis for the company’s further growth.

Fibre optic expansion support

In this way, we are doing our part to support the expansion of fibre optics in Germany.

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Mihail Kapetanos

Mihail Kapetanos