The challenge

Smoothly migrating millions of existing customers.

On December 8, 2023, 1&1 also launched its mobile services in its new mobile network based on innovative Open-RAN technology.

With this, the fourth German 5G network is also accessible everywhere with mobile devices.

1&1’s over 12 million mobile customers will now gradually be migrated to the state-of-the-art network by early 2026 and will automatically and seamlessly use the networks of Telefónica and potentially Vodafone wherever the new network initially lacks its own coverage (starting from summer 2024).

As a strong and experienced partner, Liongate supports 1&1 in the successful migration of existing customers.

LionGate was responsible for significant concepts in the largest mobile network merger between the former E-Plus and Telefónica and was very successful in the implementation at critical points. LionGate knows what matters and what levers are needed to migrate in time and with minimal impact.

Migrations have different focal points. Legacy systems, partners, and various organizational units must collaborate to tackle this complex task alongside their daily operations.

During a migration, the focus is always on minimizing interaction with the customer and reducing impact as much as possible (seamless). Activities within the organization must remain transparent and controllable. Any additional work step or potential error implies effort and must be avoided at all costs (zero touch – zero faults).

What we did

For procedural migrations, there is no universal solution that covers all aspects out-of-the-box.

The depth of integration of the MiCC (Migration Control Center) into various legacy systems is kept to a minimum to avoid unnecessary complexities. MiCC is delivered as a Full-Managed-Service in the cloud, allowing for maximum elasticity to handle fluctuating load demands with substantial data volumes.

The central status model on each migration object provides information at any time about various work backlogs. This applies to challenges in data quality that need to be identified before migration, as well as the actual progress of the migration.

At its core is a flexibly configurable data kernel, which is updated daily.

Integration is achieved through interfaces establishing relationships between the Migration Control Center and legacy systems as well as workflows.

Thanks to our consistently agile work approach based on mutual trust, we were able to deploy the Control Center as a service for 1&1 in a matter of months.

This approach was made possible only by the early development of a comprehensive migration concept. Adapting our extensive migration experiences to local conditions was coordinated with all stakeholders. Encapsulation of functionalities facilitates self-responsible work.

In the initial phase of the overall integration, we examined the interaction of all process elements and were able to prioritize and rectify gaps from the outset. Simultaneously, this was an important phase of familiarization for all executing roles in our joint execution teams.



High process transparency with maximum possible flexibility

When forming migration batches, adjustments can be made in the execution, considering error situations or performance.

Simple and clear status model

The migration processes adhere to a simple and clear status model, implemented within a consistently hierarchical process model.

Unnecessary complexities are avoided

The depth of integration of the MiCC (Migration Control Center) into various existing systems is kept as minimal as possible to avoid unnecessary complexities.

Maximum elasticity

The MiCC is provided as a fully managed service in the cloud. This also enables maximum elasticity to handle fluctuating high demands for large volumes of data.

Flexible adjustment

Flexible rules can be adjusted at any time via the web interface. These rules identify important migration characteristics such as migration capability, the process variant to be used, or the often underestimated priority in the migration sequence.

Customer Quote

“The migration process runs smoothly and automatically for the majority of our existing customers. Within this process, we benefit from the experience and expertise of our partner, Liongate.”

So says Michael Martin, CEO of Mobilfunk GmbH.

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