The challenge

The number of core IT platforms will be reduced from six to two – one each for the company’s private and business customers.

In the past, the lack of understanding of IT was often the stumbling block of digitalisation in customer service. This gap had to be overcome. Instead of self-developed programmes that require a lot of individual coding, the company relies on standardised systems such as those from Salesforce. Salesforce was used here as a “shell” in the solution design, which initially meant that the advantages could not be optimally played out to the end customer. The omni-channel approach of the project through micro-front-end architecture led to restrictions in guided service and case management. The Citizen Developer could configure the Salesforce agent journey himself, if he was allowed to. The approach was not yet agile in terms of low-code.

What we did

-Intensive Salesforce Coaching for the Customer Care experts

-Support in conversational design and business readiness

-Took over Epic ownership of the new agent cockpit, interaction and case management as well as the roles and rights concept in SalesForce.

LionGate provided a solution that allows the processes for agents and customers to be merged despite the above-mentioned restrictions. Due to the low-code principle, prototypes (MVP) could be developed quickly. In this way, it was possible to vividly demonstrate how it feels from the customer’s and agent’s point of view.

-The blueprints created with the Marquez project (see link here) were the basis for a rapid redevelopment of the Agent Cockpit in Salesforce.

-The design of the Agent Cockpit was also carried out in agile interdisciplinary teams with experts from the field (agents), process experts and experts for user guidance as well as offshore development teams.

-The functional user tests played a central role here under the direction of LionGate.

-The go-live for a first segment will take place at the end of the 4th quarter of 2022.

The results

30% cost saving

Taken together, the automations and the above-mentioned factors ensure that the customer can save up to 30 per cent of the costs for operating their IT applications from 2025 compared to today.

Redefine processes

An international team has managed to redefine the processes from scratch.

Successful integration

First successful integration of the USU Knowledgebase with Salesforce.

Case management manifests itself

Case management manifested for network operations and other subsystems with SalesForce.

Several hundred user stories

Several hundred user stories with thousands of acceptance criteria blueprinted in the so-called Inlife-Tribe alone, the team that takes care of all existing customer processes.

Best-In-Class Agent Cockpit

A best-in-class agent cockpit has been created. Initially for prepaid, which will later be developed into postpaid and FixedNet in a further stage.

Customer quote

“Low Code is developing dynamically with a growth rate of 30% annually, not only with SalesForce. The customer service of the future will be drastically automated with LowCode. LionGate helped lay the foundation for this in the RAITT project with its SalesForce and digitalisation expertise. We are very grateful for that, says Pia Wenkel, Principal Consultant Customer Operations.”

Customer quote

“We are committed to a radical, digital transformation of our IT architecture and state-of-the-art technology to become one of the leading technology providers in the German telecommunications market,” says Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer of Telefónica / O2. “With our new IT landscape, we are bringing innovations to market even faster, increasing the reliability of our systems and significantly improving customer satisfaction. Increased efficiency will reduce the cost of running our IT applications by up to 30 per cent from 2025 compared to today.”

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