There are many reasons to use digital tools for customer interaction optimization…

How we work

Your roadmap to optimal customer experience

Excellent customer interaction requires in-depth knowledge about who your customers are and what moves them. That’s a prerequisite, if you want to restructure your communication and service offerings with technology and organize your internal processes more efficiently.
If we work together, we always begin a project with a detailed touchpoint analysis.
We look at which customer data you have collected to date and which communication channels are in which way relevant to sales etc.
Based on these results, your existing processes and business objectives, we develop an action plan for optimizing your customer interaction.
Only now do we make decisions on tools and technologies and on the design of user guidance and user interfaces.
Depending on how much support you want, we model new processes, integrate new applications into your data infrastructure and train your employees to effectively work with the new setup:
How do you build customer profiles? How do you introduce efficiency-enhancing customer value management? By the end of the project, your employees will be able to fully realize the technology’s potential.
What you can expect

We combine process optimization and IT innovation to measurably improve customer experience.

Inspire your customers with an outstanding customer experience, intuitive self-services and fast processing times. We support you with the latest technology, agile methods and many years of practical experience.
image Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

How can you organize your IT infrastructure to be more efficient and scalable without cloud solutions jeopardizing your IT security? How can you implement remote work securely and conveniently?

Cloud platforms are superior to on-premise solutions in many cases. As an AWS Select partner, we develop cloud applications that are performant, scalable and intuitive to navigate. Security and data protection is at the core of our project design.

image Agile  Methods

Agile Methods

How can business units and IT optimize their collaboration so that you transform your processes step by step and with low risk? How can agile methods enable you to better collaborate with external partners while complying with procurement law?

Our customers appreciate the advantages of agile approaches: implementation costs reduce drastically, they realize value faster, the transparency about project progress increases. Therefore, we work in an agile manner, always staying open to individual requests and finding the optimal mix of methods together with our customers.

image Open Systems

Open Systems

We spare you of monolithic and difficult to handle software architecture. Instead, we develop microservices, rely on open source programming and open APIs. In dialogue with you, we create a solution that you can easily expand and optimize on an ongoing basis, with short release cycles and at comparatively low cost.
image Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation

How can you model optimal processes, adapt your existing workflows, and automate processes using digital applications?

We orchestrate and automate your business processes from a customer’s perspective using established and open standards such as BPMN, DMN, CMMN – a prerequisite for positive customer experiences. That’s how we make digital business processes tangible and process deviations and bottlenecks immediately visible.

image Low-Code Solutions

Low-Code Solutions

We want you to be able to configure and scale your new processes and systems as easily as possible. That’s why we work with low-code platforms if it is possible and makes sense. A nice side effect of low code: Experienced business users can then configure applications and your IT staff has more time to focus on advanced tasks.

image Cybersecurity


How can you set up new digital citizen services while ensuring the legal compliance for data protection and data security? How can you implement secure identity management?

image Modern user experience

Modern user experience

How can you engage citizens and employees with intuitive user interfaces and excellent user experience (UX)?

image Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

How can you use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to cost-effectively identify optimization potential in your processes? How can you use machine learning to relieve your employees in customer service?

Partners we trust

We offer digital solutions at the highest level thanks to a strong network of curated partners.

Customer interaction involves many disciplines, systems and technologies. To ensure that we can deliver excellent results even for complex projects, we work with various (technology) partners and are active members in different industry associations.
Salesforce is the leading cloud platform for the 360° management of customer relationships. We are a longstanding certified Salesforce partner.
Amazon Webservices is the world’s leading provider of innovative cloud solutions. The cloud is the foundation of digitalisation. We are an AWS Select Partner and have been running critical customer solutions in the AWS Cloud for years.
Bitkom is the association of the German information and telecommunications industry. We are an active member of Bitkom and are shaping the digital transformation.
Open source is an essential component of our cloud solutions. Through our membership in the Open Source Business Alliance, we actively position open source in the use of digitalisation, especially in the public sector.
Flowable is an open-source platform for automating business processes and workflows. Through our partnership, it enables us to model, automate, and optimize business processes.

Interact with customers

Improve your customer satisfaction in a sustainable way. With advanced tech and smart processes. Let’s talk.

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Improve your customer satisfaction in a sustainable way. With advanced tech and smart processes. Let’s talk.