We are certified Salesforce partner.

We personalise every experience along the customer journey using the leading platform for marketing, sales and customer management.


Great customer experience is a must for business growth in the future

Do you know what your customers want? Market transparency is higher than ever. If you don’t want to compete on price,
you have to stand out from the competition with a first-class customer experience (CX).

Manage 360° customer relationships

Manage 360° customer relationships

Embracing cloud based services

Embracing cloud based services

Automate every business process

Automate every business process


We are Liongate

Experience the future of success with our tailored Salesforce solutions!

Our experienced team of over 50 consultants is ready to support your business transformation – from sales and service to marketing. Across industries and with an impressive track record, we are your reliable IT partner. Contact us now and unleash the full potential of your company!

Why Salesforce?

Comprehensive features

Salesforce offers a wide range of features and tools that support companies in managing their customer relationships. These include sales automation, marketing automation, customer service, analytics, workflow management, and much more.

Efficiency improvement

Salesforce automates many manual and time-consuming processes, enabling employees to make their workflows more efficient. Through automation, employees can spend more time on strategic tasks and customer interactions instead of dealing with repetitive and time-consuming activities.

High scalability

Salesforce is a scalable platform that can adapt to the needs of businesses of all sizes. It provides flexible options and customization capabilities to meet the growing requirements and changes within the company.

Cloud-based solution

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution, which means that businesses do not need their own physical servers and can securely store their data and applications in the cloud. This allows easy access to information from various devices and locations.

Integration and Expandability

Salesforce offers a variety of integrations with other business applications and tools. It seamlessly integrates into existing systems such as email platforms, marketing automation tools, ERP systems, and social media. Additionally, Salesforce allows the development and integration of custom applications through the platform.

Analytics and Reporting

Salesforce offers powerful analytics capabilities that enable companies to gain insights into their sales, marketing, and customer service activities. It allows the creation of custom reports and dashboards to track key metrics and business outcomes.

Mobile support

Salesforce offers mobile apps that allow users to access their CRM data and track business activities on the go. This enables sales representatives to plan customer visits, create quotes, and update customer data in real-time.

Community and Support

Salesforce has an active community of users, developers, and experts who provide support and resources. Companies can benefit from this extensive network to find answers to questions, exchange best practices, and connect with other Salesforce users.

How we work

Your roadmap to optimal customer experience

Excellent customer interaction requires in-depth knowledge about who your customers are and what moves them. That’s a prerequisite, if you want to restructure your communication and service offerings with technology and organize your internal processes more efficiently.
If we work together, we always begin a project with a detailed touchpoint analysis.
We look at which customer data you have collected to date and which communication channels are in which way relevant rnto sales etc.
Based on these results and business objectives, we develop an action plan to optimize your sales, marketing, or service processes.
Only now do we make decisions on tools and technologies and on the design of user guidance and user interfaces.
Depending on how much support you want, we model new processes, integrate new applications into your data infrastructure and train your employees to effectively work with the new setup:
How do you build customer profiles? How do you introduce efficiency-enhancing customer value management? By the end of the project, your employees will be able to fully realize the technology’s potential.
Partners we trust

We offer digital solutions at the highest level thanks to a strong network of curated partners.

Customer interaction involves many disciplines, systems and technologies. To ensure that we can deliver excellent results even for complex projects, we work with various (technology) partners and are active members in different industry associations.
Salesforce is the leading cloud platform for the 360° management of customer relationships. We are a longstanding certified Salesforce partner.
Amazon Webservices is the world’s leading provider of innovative cloud solutions. The cloud is the foundation of digitalisation. We are an AWS Select Partner and have been running critical customer solutions in the AWS Cloud for years
Bitkom is the association of the German information and telecommunications industry. We are an active member of Bitkom and are shaping the digital transformation.
Open source is an essential component of our cloud solutions. Through our membership in the Open Source Business Alliance, we actively position open source in the use of digitalisation, especially in the public sector.
Flowable is an open-source platform for automating business processes and workflows. Through our partnership, it enables us to model, automate, and optimize business processes.

Interact with customers

Improve your customer satisfaction in a sustainable way. With advanced tech and smart processes. Let’s talk.

Get on a free consulting call with one of our experts. Discuss your current situation and gain first ideas and insights on how to optimize your customer interaction.

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Improve your customer satisfaction in a sustainable way. With advanced tech and smart processes. Let’s talk.