Together with you, we break down functional silos in the company. We bring business, development and operations together in an agile manner. In this way, we guarantee an executable product after three months (MVP).

Forget elaborate requirements and specifications that few people understand, eliminate change request forms from your vocabulary, stop wasting precious resources on long-standing system implementations that only deliver the first, uncertain and outdated results at the very end.

Become agile with LionGate. Work across departments, be productive together in cross-functional teams from business, development and operations, instead of burning time alone in intransparent silos.

How we do it

This formula for success requires a genuine willingness to embrace digital transformation and change cooperation within the company. Small quick steps instead of multi-year timeline plans. With a consistent agile approach and cross-functional collaboration, we tackle the most important feature with you first. We start small, get early feedback, build iterations, avoid serious mistakes, and are guaranteed to get to a first runnable product within three months (MVP).

What is a no-alternative approach for startups, demonstrably works with LionGate also for large corporations, for example in the telecommunications industry. And by the way, as a decision-maker, you retain significantly higher cost transparency in the ongoing project through the constant review and adaptation of requirements in short cycle times.

Opt for drastically reduced implementation costs, dynamic adaptations to market conditions and realizable added value in the shortest possible time. LionGate has the experience and expertise to guide you and your integrated teams through this agile process.

Let's talk.

Your contact at LionGate: Michael Schießl, Board Member and Founder