Cloud solutions

Everything is in motion – and increasingly faster at that. The dynamic of digitalisation is impressive and disturbing. The present Legacy offers not enough flexibility technologically, functionally and organisationally to tackle this dynamic and to use the potentials of digitalisation. This can put the future of companies at stake. Through our leading approach of Cloud Solutions we exploit the opportunities of digitalisation with you. Openess, Amazon Web Services (AWS), BizDevOps and full managed services are the required ingredients of successful Cloud Solutions.


The times of entirely monolitic software and closed proprietary systems are gone. Our Cloud Solutions are based on Open Source and open interfaces. That way the potentials of new technologies and frameworks open up without unnecessary dependencies.

Full managed service

We provide Cloud Solutions as full-managed-service. You can focus on the things that matter to you. We do the rest.

Amazon Web Services

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our cloud infrastructure. The solutions are operated at the computing center in Frankfurt and do of course fully cover your requirements concerning privacy and security. We are proficient in IaaS and as an AWS partner we know the AWS services in detail and can use them target-oriented for your solution.


We all work together. Lean. Iterative. Collaborative. There are no silos and also no change requests. We work agile. Internally and with you. After three months we start with the first version (MVP).

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