We are pleased to announce the partnership with Flowable! This collaboration allows us to join forces and develop innovative solutions.


Flowable is intelligent

Flowable combines powerful, standards-based case, process, and decision models into a holistic and flexible platform with low-code capabilities. This platform helps you comprehensively enhance workflows and increase efficiency and productivity.

Flowable is easy

Flowable simplifies end-to-end automation of business processes for the citizen developer and, with its user-friendly design, supports the simplification of customer processes through digital transformation and hyperautomation.

Flowable is flexible

One of the major advantages of Flowable is its excellent support for adaptive case management, which involves handling unstructured processes. While support requests typically involve clearly defined sequential steps, workflows in other areas are less standardized and require more flexibility. Flowable’s case management allows even such processes to be digitally represented and optimized when needed.

Flowable is Multi-Channel

Another important feature is the integrated multi-channel interaction. Thanks to Flowable Engage, customers can communicate through social media, web, app, and chat, directly interacting with processes.

Flowable is powerful

Flowable has everything needed for modern process digitization and hyperautomation, an intuitive and user-friendly UI, and a wealth of functionality under the hood – in short, everything a process manager’s heart desires.

Customer Quote

“We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Liongate. Their expertise in crafting tailored cloud solutions harmonizes seamlessly with Flowable’s best-of-breed technology. By approaching the market together, we will advance the implementation of comprehensive and efficient digital initiatives in Germany and across the DACH market”

Daniela Marchese, VP Sales EMEA

For LionGate, the partnership with Flowable means enhancing our expertise in process automation even further. With Flowable, we will create significant added value for our customers.

“Make every customer interaction a win.” We automate customer interactions with Flowable to improve both the customer experience and process efficiency.

Join us! Let’s talk!

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