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Unsere Kompetenzen für Telekommunikationsunternehmen

A stable and high-performance supply of telecommunications networks is the foundation and driver of digitization. Telecommunications companies continue to be highly profitable, but face difficult challenges:

  • Massive investments in 5G and fiber have to be stemmed and still meet their growth expectations.
  • New (digital) providers (OTT) are taking over the direct customer relationship and telcos face the risk of being reduced to a "bit pipe".
  • The monolithic IT systems are in many cases obsolete and heavy burden in the Digital Transformation.

Our competencies for telecommunications companies

Do you want to delight your customers with a consistent and coherent customer journey across all channels?

Do you want to offer your agents in customer care a solution that enables them to serve customers enthusiastically and quickly?

Do you want to establish value-based marketing and thus always base decisions on the value of the customer?

Customer Interaction

Do you want to establish an end-to-end agile and scalable model of collaboration to develop better and faster digital solutions?


Do you want to use advanced analytics to improve customer interaction and identify potential in your business processes?

Do you want to break new ground in customer service using the latest ML (Machine Learning) frameworks?

Advanced Analytics & AI

Do you want to transform your monolithic system landscape step by step and with low risk away from BSS/OSS monoliths and towards open services and interfaces?

Service over Platforms

Do you want to use our in-depth understanding of customer processes in telecommunications to optimize and automate them using modern process engines?

Process Automation

Do you want to leverage the unique potential of the cloud and, of course, take into account all aspects relating to data protection and security?


What we do

  • We develop and operate a cloud solution for managing all customer processes of 10 brands, 5 million customers across 5 channels
  • We develop and operate a custom web-based cloud solution for customer care
  • We design and support the Digital Transformation for a large telecommunication company
  • Process automation is a key driver of digitalization in telecommunications. See our webinar with Camunda.
  • Find out what our customers think of our collaboration.
  • Go to our LionGate Stories

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