Public Services

The pandemic has shown the acute need for action and the potential for digitization in the public sector.

Public Services

  • Digitization in education, and especially in schools, must now be consistently pursued, not as a replica of the analog world, but with new methodological, didactic and technological approaches.
  • The modernization of IT in the administration offers enormous savings potential on the one hand, but also, above all, opportunities for much better customer and user orientation. The right technological and architectural approaches are important, and there is also an urgent need to transform rigid and expensive processes and procedures. Agile collaboration among all stakeholders is also critical to success and possible in this area.
  • In this area in particular, dependence on large foreign technology providers must be minimized and, above all, data sovereignty, data protection and security must be ensured in the use of cloud services.

Our competencies for the essential issues of digitization in the public sector

  • Do you want to offer citizens new, simple and secure options for administrative processes with a digital “Citizen Journey”?
  • Do you want to inspire citizens and employees in administration with modern user experience (UX) and modern user interfaces (UI)?
  • Do you want to establish agile collaboration with all partners in the public sector and still comply with the procurement law framework?
  • Do you want to identify potential in all administrative processes by using advanced analytics and process mining?
  • Do you want to break new ground in citizen interaction using state-of-the-art ML (Machine Learning) frameworks?
  • Do you want to gradually, and with minimal risk, transform the monolithic and outdated system landscape in management towards open, flexible and scalable services?
Service over Platforms
  • Do you want to model, optimize and digitize processes in administration, making them easier to measure and experience?
Process Automation
  • Do you want to tap the potential of the cloud for administration and education while ensuring data protection and security?
  • Do you want to manage secure Digital Identities and thus, for example in the area of schools, develop Digital Content and solutions for schools securely, quickly and in compliance with data protection?

What we do

  • With our Vicole solution, we offer schools a platform for sustainable and secure digitization.
  • We advise public authorities on all aspects of data protection and IT security in cloud computing and demystify terms such as CLOUD Act, DSGVO, Public Cloud.
  • We develop and operate secure cloud solution for Digital Identity Management.

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