Waiting is not an option. Public administration needs to speed up their digital transformation now.


The covid pandemic with its lockdowns has made it undeniable đŸ˜·

Public authorities need to improve their use of digital technology. New legal requirements, such as the Online Access Act, increase the urgency of digital transformation.


But it is not just external pressure that is calling for change: Public authorities want to fulfill societal demands. They see citizens as their customers and want to accomodate their needs by offering more digital services. At the same time, digital transformation is the best way to leverage massive savings potential in the public sector.

The covid pandemic with its lockdowns has made it undeniable đŸ˜·

Social responsibility creates particular challenges. We support you in finding the right solutions.

We support federal, state and local government institutions finding answers to key questions of their digital transformation journey.
image Cybersecurity


How can you set up new digital citizen services while ensuring the legal compliance for data protection and data security? How can you implement secure identity management?

image Modern user experience

Modern user experience

How can you engage citizens and employees with intuitive user interfaces and excellent user experience (UX)?

image Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

How can you use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to cost-effectively identify optimization potential in your processes? How can you use machine learning to relieve your employees in customer service?

image Cloud technology

Cloud technology

How can you organize your IT infrastructure to be more efficient and scalable without cloud solutions jeopardizing your IT security? How can you implement remote work securely and conveniently?

image Agile Methods

Agile Methods

How can business units and IT optimize their collaboration so that you transform your processes step by step and with low risk? How can agile methods enable you to better collaborate with external partners while complying with procurement law?

image Automation Technology

Automation Technology

How can you model optimal processes, adapt your existing workflows, and automate processes using digital applications?

Digital transformation

For public institutions, digital transformation is an enormous challenge.

It is not sufficient to transfer analog processes to the digital world.


New strategic, methodological and didactic approaches are needed to harness the benefits of automation, cloud technology and artificial intelligence. One of the challenges: Many government institutions work with legacy applications and processes that have been in place for decades and cannot be replaced overnight.

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We have already delivered measurable and sustainable digital improvements.

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