Future Congress 2018 on the 19th and 20th of June in Wolfsburg.

For the 17th time more than 300 national and international CEOs and innovation leaders from different sectors meet up and discuss the following priority topics:

2028 – how much human can the future take?

The promises generated from digitalisation are great: In 2028 humans will live longer and better. Presumably we will get closer to solving some of mankind’s most pressing issues: climate change, supply of energy and epidemics. Self-driving cars will drastically decrease the risk of accidents. Drivers will get back the time they have to spend at the steering wheel today.

All those amazing promises can only be achieved, if we accept, that computers are better in many areas than us humans. And if we humans compensate the loss of expertise in comparison to artificial intelligence with a new understanding of ourselves. At the Future Congress 2018 effects of the new living and working world on us humans will be discussed from many different points of view.

Frank Pensel, chief executive at LionGate, will also be there. The goal is to comprehend the effects of digitalisation in order to take them into account in the best possible way during projects.