As digitalization progresses, more and more companies are working together in networks. Technological challenges are mastered together, with each company contributing its expert knowledge to the necessary development and implementation steps. Agile procedures allow clients and contractors to work in close coordination with each other. Each of the partners uses its own ticket system for internal work organization, in which a lot of time and money has been invested. However, the tasks to be processed are cross-company and require a joint approach. This creates the need between companies to forward and distribute tasks. Everyone must ensure that the orders are completed properly. Linking these systems together is a approach that usually fails at important points:

  • Missing consistency of the workflows
  • No well-functioning systems for synchronization
  • Missing cross-system display of assigned tasks.
  • Increased complexity of your own systems

The pricing model of ticket systems is usually “number of users” and the large number of companies working together in many directions creates the need for a huge number of accounts. However, transparency is made considerably more difficult by the lack of cross-system networking. Each user has to maintain each process individually or track the current status in other systems.
We at LionGate AG are faced with this challenge because our service management and development is divided among many ticket systems due to different partners and customers. Currently we are working on the solution of this problem in order to enable a cross-system presentation of all relevant topics of the user. This is to be achieved by connecting the partner systems with a hub provided by us. ⇒There is news on this topic!