Getting close to the Customer with Amazon Connect

Maintaining customer contact in support or sales is the current challenge in times of social distancing. Companies need to react quickly and extensively to the growing needs of their customers. Conventional solutions are too inflexible. LionGate offers a solution for this with Amazon Connect.

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Especially in times of social distancing, the telephone hotline is the most important way for many companies to maintain customer contact – whether in sales or service. And many customers appreciate the “direct line” to their provider.

However, customer satisfaction often falls short of expectations. This is because precisely when many customers pick up the phone at once, i.e., when an attractive product is launched on the market, the familiar solutions usually do not scale either technically or organizationally. Calls don’t get through to the agents, the queue explodes and valuable customer information can’t be communicated in time. And as a result, customer satisfaction drops noticeably.


Amazon Connect: The Call-Center on the Cloud

A smart phone system in the AWS Cloud can help: The Amazon Connect contact center solution offers a fail-safe, high-performance, highly scalable communications solution. It can be flexibly adapted: Menu navigation can be changed without programming knowledge. Even existing CRM solutions running on-premise can be directly integrated through ad-hoc lambda functions. With Amazon Connect, you can supplement and enhance existing services. And the costs always remain transparent thanks to the simple pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Exemplarisches Architektur Bild für eine Amazon Connect Lösung in der AWS Cloud mit Anbindung an bestehendes on-premise CRM System des Kunden
Abbildung 2: Exemplarisches Architektur Bild für eine Amazon Connect Lösung in der AWS Cloud mit Anbindung an bestehendes on-premise CRM System des Kunden. Quelle: LionGate AG; Keywords: aws; architecture; amazon connect; customer service;

Another advantage: You can use other services from the entire AWS Cloud, such as automated and self-learning bots. These recognize natural language with the help of “Amazon Transcribe” and thus enable you to accept many customer requests at the same time. This allows you to route each customer to the most appropriate agent for them in an automated and real-time manner.

Amazon Connect thus offers a modern platform that can be set up and adapted flexibly and quickly with little resource expenditure. It is also stable, future-proof and expandable. This allows you to focus your attention on customer contact and no longer on technical obstacles.

Are you interested in a pragmatic proof-of-concept of a customer hotline with Amazon Connect?

As an AWS Select Partner, we can set up a functional solution for you within a few days. Please feel free to contact us.