Digitalization requires restarting the sourcing process
strategy and a focus on mutual goals.

It wasn’t so long ago that a CIO could still be proud when he had a large outsourcing quota. Together with a high proportion of offshoring, it was a miracle that the quality and speed of implementation did not suffer massively. IT was a cost factor that had to be kept as low as possible.

With various external partners for operation, testing and development, an attempt was made to mitigate the negative effects. With such a system, the waterfall model was cemented and based solely on costs.

Further disadvantages of this sourcing model are the resulting IT skill vacuum, the long implementation times and the impossibility of modernizing the process model. The business areas have felt the effects of this due to implementation bottlenecks and inflexibility and have often sought out niches to circumvent IT with their own solutions. In the past, IT has long searched for industrial manufacturing methods with a high division of labor. A wrong way.

The cloud changes everything

With the availability of cloud-based ecosystems such as AWS, Microsoft, Google and IBM, the way is clear for focusing on business value, your own enterprise model and a new way of dealing with IT.

It’s not the technology itself that triggers a revolution, it’s the consistent other form of collaboration within the organization and with business partners. In the digital age, the focus is not primarily on IT costs, but on agility and consistent alignment with business value.

Together with agile methods such as Scrum, DevOps and the comprehensive availability of high-quality services in the cloud, companies can finally concentrate on the professionalism, the customer journey and the transparency of the business models themselves. Very important in this context are learning cycles and continuous, rapid adaptation in the processes.

The success of the start-ups is based on new responsibilities in IT. No start-up has its own data center or deals with issues such as operating systems and backup technologies.

Topics such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) are rather transitional models. It only becomes revolutionary when powerful service components in the cloud can be orchestrated into individual cloud services in very short periods of time. Even in hybrid models with existing systems and components.

Monolithic software heavyweights are also at the mercy. After all, they can’t keep up with the technological diversity and speed of cloud services and are now trying to transform themselves at great expense. Monolithic standard software (components-off-the-shelf) is not a solution for taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization.

Custom Cloud Services Create Competitiveness

With individual cloud services, the individuality of your business model and its processes can be realized with a high implementation speed. All this is based on the technological power and extremely high availability of cloud services.

It is a question of courage to take this path now. Whether this type of service will become a triumph has already been answered and is beyond question.

You still need reliable partners to support you in the methodology and orchestration of the cloud.

Strategic partners support the new role model

The professional discussion focuses on the roles of product owners and learning from market feedback.

Your IT focuses on standards and vendor management with a Cloud Excellence Center.

Organize yourself according to technical service areas and work with technical partners who have a high level of cloud competence.

In return, you reduce your opportunity costs through pay-as-you-use models and concentrate agilely on business value throughout the entire company.

With over 2 years of true individual cloud service experience and a high level of expertise in customer management processes, we support you

  • in the transformation of your sourcing models measurably aligned to business success,
  • in the agile transformation of your roles and organization,
  • in the definition and implementation of your cloud strategy and
  • as a partner in the implementation of your individual cloud solution for a new digital customer experience.

If you would like us to support you with our individual Cloud Service experience and high technical expertise in customer management processes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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