Project Management

Managing successful projects and to achieve excellent outcomes is our core compentence and passion. We have profound knowledge of initiating, defining, planing, controlling and completing projects.

Quality Management is an essential component in projects as well as process consulting. To us this does not mean to monitor conformity with rather abstract and formal quality norms, but to make pragmatic and reasonable contributions to the continuous improvement of product and process quality.

The digital transformation requires speed in implementing ideas. The digitalisation is put into practice in projects and professional Project Management is a decisive factor of success. Only substantiated project and quality management enables a successful achieving of the projects’ goals in the constant tense triangle of cost, time and scope.

During the digital transformation the linear structures in businesses’ organisations are increasingly replaced by project structures. Topics like social media integration, smart mobility, smart products, big data, smart data, cloud computing, the internet of things and the internet of services have to be redefined within the scope of digital transformation from the perspective of project management and quality. Additionally the demands to institutions, programs and projects have strongly risen because of increasing ‘professionalisation’ in the field of digital transformation during the last few years.

The special characteristics of project and quality management in digital transformation are the concentration of expertise in processes and the general field and the organisation of project management tasks in project networks involving many different businesses.

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