Customer interaction

Do you want to accompany your customers as individually as possible, but still cost-efficiently with every contact? We digitally automate your processes and consistently optimize the customer experience across all channels of the customer journey. We are proven experts in user experience and UI design.

Customer Interaction

An in-depth analysis of customer contacts (touchpoints) is therefore at the beginning of every automation project. Digitizing the processes that are already taking place and those that are desired then holds enormous potential for making processes more efficient.

Finally, the optimization is based on our deep knowledge of the customer experience factors usability and user guidance, i.e. the interactive customer experience. We have gained this knowledge in a wide range of projects in the mass customer markets of telecommunications, the financial sector and the insurance industry.

Knowledge about the customer, the channels, the usage behavior and the desired quality of customer contacts are essential. Together, they enable us to build profiles and introduce efficiency-enhancing digital customer value management. This subsequently helps with sensible offer design, resource management and the further development of the business model.

How we do it

The customer’s desire for individual treatment of his issues and the parallel increase in competitive pressure on the company side seem to drift irreconcilably apart. LionGate, however, has the digital recipes not only to close this gap, but also to generate competitive advantages for you.

The customer is always at the center of everything we do. His positive experience in dealing with your company binds him to you. If his special needs are recognized and served in a pleasant and functional way, you create an optimal customer experience.


For strategic consulting and implementation in the area of customer experience, we like to have strong, creative partners at our side. Our partner agency stimmt` works on and optimizes the pain points of the customer journey with a lot of esprit, Swiss precision and know-how.

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