The first website was published in 1991 and the rapid spread of the Internet began with revolutionary upheavals in almost all areas. The buzzword Web 2.0 refers to the spread of the currently known and dominant social media and e-commerce platforms.

Blockchain technologies and methods are now the foundation of the next generation (Web 3.0) of the Internet. Blockchains (Distributed Ledger Technologies) enable secure distributed transactions without a central instance or third party intermediary. Bitcoin is only one application of the blockchain. The further application possibilities are manifold with certainly massive and also disruptive effects on industries and business models.

We support you in the development of the blockchain:

  • We have been accompanying the topic since its beginnings and help you in workshops to create an understanding of the necessary basics.
  • We use them to identify and validate possible initial deployment scenarios and business models.
  • Together with you our experts develop first prototypes, proof of concepts and solutions based on existing frameworks and standards.

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