LionGate is your strategical partner for digital transformation. For years we have served our important existing customers in the business sector of telecommunication and have multiple times contributed to successful projects of digitalisation through our expertise.

It is time to evaluate the economic branch in the context of the digital transformation. What have we already achieved? What are the current hot topics and potentials and which degree of implementation does the telecommunication sector have in comparison?

Our service portfolio serves as a basis of structurizing the further execution in the three dimensions Custumer, Enterprise and Products & Services.


Certainly, telecommunications companies are pioneers when it comes to digitizing the customer interface. Each of the large telecommunications companies in Germany has significantly more than 10 million existing customers and accordingly thousands of customers have to be looked after, acquired and retained every month. This can only be done with the highest possible degree of automation. Ongoing investments in the customer interface are therefore not a new trend topic for telecommunications companies, but have been business-as-usual for years. However, digital transformation is more than just automation; it is the intelligent and innovative use of new technological potential to create added value for customers and the company.

(Further) digitisation offers a multitude of possibilities. To be emphasized are:

  • Digital Customer Lifecycle Management: With every interaction with a (new) customer it is important to decide in almost real time which is the sensible next step and the appropriate offer (NBA/NBO) from the point of view of the company and also from the point of view of the customer. A multitude of data (inventory data, contribution margin, behavioural data, product data) must be taken into account and intelligently linked. Modern Customer Value Management (CVM) also uses new big data analysis methods, machine learning and concepts of data science.
  • Digital Customer Interaction: A continuous handling of customer interaction via a digital channel is the desired goal. However, it is still necessary to integrate all channels in sales and customer service transparently (omnichannel). Furthermore, new possibilities in interaction must be observed, evaluated and made usable (Message Bots, AI).
  • Renovate IT BSS: A tedious project, but certainly with the most potential. Many telecommunication companies operate redundant and outdated BSS stacks. Post-merger integration initiatives have often come to a standstill halfway. The consequences are obvious: architecture rampant growth, increased operating costs, lack of agility in implementing necessary changes and, in the worst case, inconsistencies in customer interaction. The digital transformation also offers new possibilities here, but in order to tap further potential, these clean-up tasks must be tackled consistently.


Social, mobile, analytics, cloud (SMAC) are the technological drivers of digitization. Unfortunately, they are often used incorrectly, incompletely or not at all within the company. As a result, further cost-saving opportunities remain untapped, but such aspects are also important for the image of an interesting employer.

Exemplary initiatives are here:

  • Identity Management: Only a modern standardized (cloud based) Identity- and Access Management allows a simple and secure use of cloud services and finally makes a simple cooperation with external business partners possible.
  • Digital Workplace: Only a uniform and modern company-wide platform for (social) communication and collaboration makes corporate knowledge usable and collaboration between employees possible across hierarchies and departments.

Products & Service

In the past, telecommunications companies have left no stone unturned in their efforts to open up new business fields with new products (e.g. content brokers, content providers, messaging apps, payment providers). Unfortunately only with moderate success and thus the fields are occupied also by other (OTT Playern) offerers.

Nevertheless the telecommunications enterprises should understand themselves not as dumb but as smart bit pipe . The data of telecommunications companies (e.g. customer transaction data) are still an important asset with untapped potential (Big Data Analytics). Changes in regulations and new technological standards (eSIM) will lead to further consolidations and upheavals in the value chain.

We have interesting experiences and successful references in almost all of the listed topics, which we are happy to share with you.
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