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Project & Quality Management

Our core competence and passion is to lead projects to outstanding result, together with our clients. We understand our business of initiating, defining, managing and successfully completing projects.

Quality management is a key building block for us both in projects and in process consulting. And by quality management we do not just mean compliance with often abstract and formal quality standards. For us quality control means all the pragmatic and valuable contributions to a continuous improvement of the product and process quality.

Digital Transformation requires speed when implementing ideas. Digitalization is implemented through projects and therefore professional project management is the key success factor. Only solid project and quality management can achieve the project goals in the omnipresence of the tension triangle between costs, time and scope.

With Digital Transformation the linear structures of corporate organizations dissolve more and more into product structures. Topics such as social media integration, smart mobility, smart products, big data, smart data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services must be redefined within the framework of Digital Transformation from the perspective of project management and quality. Also, with the increasing „professionalization“ of Digital Transformation in recent years, institutions, programs and projects are facing more demanding requirements.

The characteristics of project and quality management in Digital Transformation are the bundling of industry-specific and process competences, and the organization of project management tasks in project networks across the entire company.

We offer you support in the following areas:

We take over the operative project management, and with the necessary industry, methodological and social competence we will lead your project to success. We manage your internal and external implementation partners in a result-oriented way within your time and cost limits.

A well-functioning Project Management Office (PMO) establishes the culture and the standards for project-oriented work in a company. We support you in the conceptualization and the development of your PMO. We provide you with a PMO and operate it (as a service) and we coach your PMO team.

Programs implement the strategic goals and the changes that come with Digital Transformation. Programs not only initiate and manage the necessary implementation projects but also organizational changes (Change Management). With our experience and client successes, you can trust in LionGate when you assign these sensitive, critical tasks to our program managers. Our consultants have successfully led strategic programs in an international environment. LionGate supports you with experienced program managers, the definition and initiation of programs for the implementation of strategic goals, as well as with securing the IT and the quality management of the program.

Agile processes and principles are more than just another method of project management. Agile transformation helps you respond to changes and customer needs faster and deliver the proper results in high quality. We make the Scrum Master for your first Scrum projects available to you, and as an Agile Coach we accompany your successful transformation.

By anchoring and defining quality orientation in management, and defining quality management roles in projects, quality becomes more measurable even in complex and difficult undertakings.

To accompany your implementation projects we carry out quality assessments at different stages of your projects. We draw on our proven methodology back that we have applied in many projects and continuously optimized and forward concrete proposals to improve quality in your projects from.

The experts at LionGate have many years of experience in test management. In many large-scale projects we test procedures successfully designed, analyzed or optimized. Also have our test manager a lot of experience in the control of the test team in outsourcing (eg managed testing services).