Frank Pensel, executive at LionGate, now presents his years’ worth of experience in consulting in the field of Customer Value Management in a highly-topical and interesting book in collaboration with Kai Zimmermann.

The book shows how you can improve the profitability and durability of customer relationships under the circumstances of digital contracts using centralised value-controlling instruments.

Are you wondering about the high volatility of customer decisions, even though you regularly create new offers, carry out campaigns and introduce discounts? Does the exclusively quantity-oriented mindset while making sales annoy you? Do you often ask yourself what really determines the profitability of your contractual relationships?

In this book directors, marketing and sales managers, business analysts as well as managers of small to very large customer bases receive a wide-ranging concept of controlling a profitable and durable contract relationship in an environment of digital products.

The authors show how to give the sales staff and agents the right incentives as well as how the marketing department can make offers to the customer, which increase in value over time. A set of controlling instruments (offers, discounts, recommendations, bonus payments, bans) gets presented and also the requirements in data management up to the fine calibration of all instruments. Tips about implementing this into the overall strategy and consequences for the further development of the organisation as well as information about the required change management top the book off.

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