Customer Experience

Customer Experience means to think from the perspective of the user and to highlight the experience a customer has while interacting with us.

An optimal Customer Experience Management Solution provides invaluable insights into the thought processes of your customers and helps to find tangible recommendations on how to respond.

Work more efficiently and create an ideal environment for your employees and customers, to reach your business’ goals.

Customer Experience Management

A positive experience for the customer is the main goal of the Customer Experience Management. The interaction the company has with the customer should be tailored around the needs of the customers and should also be as enjoyable as possible. That way you create an optimal Customer Experience.

We as an independent consulting company have optimised the Customer Experience of major customers in telekommunication. In consulting projects we support your company in creating an adequate interaction with the customer and adress exactly the requirements your business has.

Customer Value Management

Customer Value Management allows you to evaluate how much value an individual customer has to you and tailor your interactions around that knowledge.

Our executive Frank Pensel wrote the book “Deep Customer Value” in collaboration with Kai Zimmermann. They explain how central Value Management Tools can increase profitability and durability of customer relationships in an environment of digital contracts.

This helps your as a decision maker in your company to evaluate the value a single customer has to you and to act accordingly. Through our rich experience we create an individual solution for Customer Value Management, which is tailored exactly around your needs.


Better Usability does not only benefit the customer, but does also make the life of your employees easier. Deep Customer Value helps them to evaluate the Voice of the customer.

Your employees better understand, what the customer thinks. THrough that new possibilities for Cross Sell and Up Sell open up, for example while extending a contracts term. The creditworthiness of the customer is immediately visible.

We are able to quickly and efficiently supersede old frontends through the cloud. A state-of-the-art frontend is quickly profitable and provides real value. A pleasant graphical user interface improves the overview, which benefits the customer as well as your employees.

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