Advanced Analytics

Data is the new gold to be mined. However, to lift the data treasure out of the jumble of unstructured data is a challenging task. As a business decision maker, you should rely on competent consulting to achieve real added value for your business. Our solutions and experts can help you achieve your business goals and achieve competitive advantages.

We have gathered extensive expertise from numerous Advanced Analytics projects. For example, we have created a cloud platform for a large telecommunications provider that stores all interactions with end customers and provides them with more in-depth knowledge. We can use this experience to build an individual solution for you as a business decision-maker that fully meets the needs of your company.

In our Advanced Analytics projects, we rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our partner. The cloud offerings of the market leader give us the necessary elasticity and computing power as an AWS partner.

In this way we can quickly create a data warehouse for you and our data scientists can support you in drawing the right conclusions in order to achieve added value from your data and make it tangible. You get fast, clear and usable insights that immediately help you in your daily business.

There are four challenges with Advanced Analytics:

  1. Volume: The amount of data to be evaluated is very large and can range from terabytes to exabytes. It is stored as Data at Rest on media and is searched by fast analysis tools.
  2. Velocity: Data in Motion is moved dynamically over the Internet. Velocity means the input speed of the data.
  3. Variety: There are many different data types. Structured and unstructured data, texts, images and videos can provide valuable information.
  4. Veracity: Doubtful data must be validated to detect deception, incompleteness, and doubt. We can ensure that your data is secure and valid.

Advanced Analytics is particularly effective when combined with Customer Experience and Digital Process Management, two of LionGate’s core competencies. Our advanced analysis techniques can help to identify and implement optimization potential in dealing with customers and processes. We help you get the most out of your data. Rely on our experience.

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