Your Development

We offer outstanding students of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs the opportunity to experience Digital Transformation first-hand. You will be a full-fledged member of our team from the very beginning. You will work independently on specific task packages under the guidance of experienced colleagues. If you convince us with your working methods and results, and with your personality, the internship is your ticket to a permanent position. We recommend a minimum duration of three months. We also offer you the opportunity to write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis with us.

Depending on your qualifications, LionGate offers you various entry options. All positions have one thing in common: We expect a lot from you, but we also offer you a lot. The different roles and challenges offer special opportunities in all stages of your professional development.

With the Boot Program, we offer an intensive insight and entry into our business. Different stations, intensive project work, excellent training and continuous mentoring by experienced colleagues and partners – this is how you dive deep into the consulting world of LionGate! With our Start-Up Program, we support your development into an entrepreneurial personality.
You will not only be independently responsible for larger work packages in your projects – you will also be challenged to contribute to the further development of our company. You develop ideas, improve processes and thus actively shape LionGate. We give you the freedom to be truly entrepreneurial!

Depending on your previous professional experience, activity and responsibility, LionGate offers a customized entry into our consulting. For us, professional experience means that you have already led project teams and/or taken on budget responsibility. In addition, your previous professional activity should correspond to our consulting spectrum.
As a senior, you will work closely with the Executive Board. We give you client responsibility and expect you to support and develop your client holistically.

Development opportunities

Our basic principle is that the personal profile of tasks and responsibilities is not determined solely by career level, but follows individual skills and ambitions. Since project work is an integral part of personal development for us, we provide a development framework tailored to you through the project structure and distribution of tasks. Specific responsibilities and development opportunities can be assigned to our career levels.

Of course, we give you the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. We see this as an important prerequisite for meeting the high demands of our work and developing the best possible solutions for our customers.


We firmly believe that the development of top performance is only possible if appropriate freedom is granted. This relates, for example, to the compatibility of work and family life, or also to one’s own further development in terms of content, such as through the acquisition of further academic degrees. At LionGate, there are flexible working hours as well as the possibility to work from a home office, so that employees can organize their work themselves.

Developing skills

The multifaceted further development of our colleagues is particularly close to our hearts. We focus on the development of professional skills (e.g. through training and rapid project deployment) as well as personal development (e.g. through mentoring, coaching and international assignments).

Living entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial thinking and action define our corporate culture. That is why involvement in the company beyond project assignments is a matter of course for our employees. This creates variety and a direct link between the contributions of each individual employee and the success of the company.

Plenty of reasons to work with us at LionGate

In our daily work we think and act as entrepreneurs both on our projects and in the further development of our company. Therefore, our goal is to develop each of our employees into a personality. The following facets in particular, contribute to this:


With us being a small consulting firm, you as an employee, benefit from the advantages of a small, privately managed company. We are a family team and support each other without conditions, elbows and politics – with us, you enjoy entrepreneurial freedom with flat hierarchies. At the same time, you get the chance to work in a small team with big customers from day one – at eye level.

Interesting Tasks

We offer you interesting tasks on current topics with new tools and technologies. Methodically and professionally, we are at the forefront and would like to extend this position with you.

Diverse large-scale projects

You will make a significant contribution to our interesting projects with our renowned and long-standing key customers.

The LionGate Network

LionGate has a fantastic network at its disposal. We promote the exchange of ideas with our partners. With our LionGate DiNE event, we bring together top-class experts to discuss cutting-edge topics. This gives you the opportunity to think outside the box.

Corporate culture and team spirit

We understand each other personally and professionally. We speedboat and often overtake the somewhat sluggish big tankers with a smile. With us, you’ll get behind the wheel faster than you might imagine. We offer you an individual career with exceptional entrepreneurial development opportunities. We don’t like forms and approval processes. A 40-hour week and 30 days of vacation are standard with us.

When career and

passion come together

For questions and a first exchange, Sandra Leineweber is directly at your disposal.