LionGate - smart. digital. projects.

LionGate is your partner for digital topics.

The digital transformation changes the foundation of every company through new technological opportunities. We support you in evaluating the strategical effects and chances of the digital transformation in your business sector, as well as adequate responses. Through our subject matter expertise and thorogh knowledge of methods and IT we are the perfect partner to realise your projects of digitalisation. Additionally, we develop innovative and individual Cloud Solutions and provide them as full managed service.

We focus on the business sectors of telecommunication, media, energy, banking and insurance.
LionGate was founded 2005 by experienced consultants and shows a healthy and sustainable yearly growth. We support our customers throughout europe, especially in the metropolitan areas of Düsseldorf and Munich. In latter, our headquarter is located.


Measure us by our promises:

  • The sustainability of our work and outcomes is more important to us than short term success. That is also true for the overall development of our company.
  • We have years of experience in complex and essantial topics and continuously develop our skillsets.
  • We are innovative and understand the current technological opportunities of digitisation. Innovation and technology are no end in themselves, but must always support your company’s goals.
  • We never promise more than we can deliver.
  • We are well networked, work together with reliable partners and thus also cover additional requirements.