Building Custom Cloud Solutions

We build and operate custom cloud solutions for our customers, unlocking the potential of digitization and creating unique added value for our customers.

Our ingredients for your recipe to success are Customer Interaction, Cloud, Process Automation, BizDevOps, Advanced Analytics and Services.

Measure, count, weigh - some figures

We operate in projects worldwide and have our offices in Munich and Düsseldorf.

We are a powerful team of 50 experts.

We have already brought more than 200 major projects to success.

With our cloud solutions, we serve 4 million end customers.

We are 100% Cloud. All our employees are cloud certified.

Our customers are satisfied with our work. We are proud of an NPS of 9.3.

What drives us on and around

Customer centric

“You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” This sentence may not have come from us, but we practice it consistently. We design digital interfaces for our customers’ customers. This gives our customers the decisive competitive edge and us, long-standing, successful and trusting customer relationships.


Technology inspired

We are curious and enthusiastic about new technologies and use them purposefully for the best customer-specific cloud solutions. Digitalization opens up a multitude of new fascinating technological possibilities. But technology is always a medium to serve a purpose, and we know the medium to serve the purpose of our customers.

Solution oriented

We quickly create initial solutions that generate business value. The first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is always ready after three months. This creates added value and knowledge. We are consistent and not very keen on making any compromises.


Few Ingredients

We know and master the current technologies and tools and use them purposefully for the development of unique custom cloud solutions. Here is a small excerpt.